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 Repeat after me: “When I’m financially drained, I’m also mentally and emotionally drained.” 

We recently learned about Athena Bank- a brilliant resource for women and their money. Patricia, their head of Public Relations and Social Media was kind enough to sit down with us and build a three step action plan towards your very own treasure chest filled with gold:

What if we told you that 2021 could bring you closer to that dreamy, fantastical life you’ve always wanted? What if we told you that you could become a money expert this year and learn to manage, multiply and create long-term abundance?


Well, Athena is here for you. You asked, and we delivered… Call us your financial oracle because we’re about to give you some valuable tips for 2021 to align your wallet, your bank account, and your soul. But before we do so, WHY should you trust us? Who are we?

Athena is an expert-curated financial platform which breaks down 15 years of knowledge and experience into 20min lessons. Forget endless google searches, overwhelm and expensive brokers, let us step in and de-mystify the world of money for you. Made BY women, FOR women our goal is to enlighten you and make you realize the POWER of saving, budgeting and investment.


But in order to get to this ideal life, the one where you spend your days lounging by the pool relaxed and stress-free… we need a plan!



Making your 2021 Financial Plan:


Did you know that 75% of women do not have a financial plan of their own?


A financial plan is important when it comes to achieving your future vision because it is the treasure map which will guide you. If you’re like me and have some student debt to pay off or want to stop feeling guilty about your spending: You. Need. A Plan.

First step is… imagine. You are a special one-of-a kind woman and your vision is NOT the same as mine, which means our PLANS won’t be the same. So, stop following what your cousin or friend is doing and ask yourself: what is MY GOAL for 2021? Imagine yourself at the end of the year and how you’d like to feel: do you want to feel in charge of your wallet? Want to feel aligned and stress free knowing your investments are safe? Want to buy your first car? Want to get massages every week? WRITE DOWN your dreams, and when possible, add the dollar amount it would cost to do it.


Second step… Now that you know what you WANT, let’s see what you HAVE. In order to start following that treasure map you need to know where you’re starting from. In our courses we guide women to determine their “net worth” but to keep matters simple, lets focus on the two main pillars: Spending and Saving. Pull out your notebook and write down your earnings that month, your expenses that month, and your saving account balance that month. Then, next to it, write you you’d IDEALLY like this to look at the end of the year. Now you have your starting point, AND finish line. (make sure to be reasonable, we also recommend doing this monthly, to track progress)


Third step… invest! There are two ways to fix your financial situation: increase your income or lower expenses. That’s it! Simple! So, let’s get real for a second… INVESTING is not about making more money, ok? It’s about being responsible with the money you already earn and using it to plant the right seeds for the future. Go over your expenses and see where you can redirect that $ towards your car down payment fund or travel savings. Change that mindset from “oh now I need to limit what I buy” to “I’m investing the $ is could have used for these jeans to go on vacation to Mexico”. For an extra boost, look for ways to increase your income, set up a side gig or get a part-time during the week. Look at these extra jobs as “boosts” which will get you closer to your treasure and automatically deposit that $in your savings account or emergency fund.


Now you’re ahead of the curve! 76% of women don’t have a financial plan but you’ve just started yours, congratulations! However, consider this guide your starting point, if you want to learn more in detail about smart spending, healthy saving and clever investing, check out our website below!

This 2021 we want ALL OF YOU to be like Athena! She was: the wisest, most courageous, and certainly the most resourceful Olympian goddess and you can be too! We want you to RISE to your highest self and break the statistics which keep women at a financial disadvantage!


If you want to be part of our financial revolution, sign up for our courses and let our expert at ATHENA to guide you to wisdom… use code: ATHENA at checkout for 50% off your Wallet Detox or Million Dollar Baby Investment Course today!


Check out our website for more info:


-Patricia H Carrero

Public Relations and Social Media Manager


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