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Plot Twist. The story of a mermaid that let her pirate go.  How two people are mastering the art of “going with the flow.”

This is no normal break up story.  Marisol Pesquera is far from a damsel in distress. Here is the story of a Siren that caught herself a waterman, and then willingly let him go. 

First and foremost- her name kinda says it all.  “Pesquera” in Spanish translates to the feminine noun of fishery or “she who fishes.” And she who fishes clearly knows- there’s plenty of fish in the sea…

*Above: Marisol wears the Erika One Piece and Gabby Skirt.

“I sold my services to ‘catch’ him,” she jokingly confesses.  Marisol was a photographer when she met PJ in Mexico circa 2014.  PJ (a lifelong bodyboarder and waterman) was fed up from the dating scene at the time and was focusing on his craft. “It was cool. When we met it was a very crucial moment- we were both pretty lost.  I didn't want to be on the constant search for different people- spreading my time & energy with multiple women. It was so draining.” he said.

 *Above: A home photo of Marisol waiting out the tide.

Marisol offered to extend her talents to him and help him capture his work on film- a trade she knew  little about, but was willing to explore and learn more of. “Marisol showed up and it was so different- so natural and I wasn't drained but feeling recharged and energized.”  Their inspiration, passions, and common interests synced rapidly and before they knew it they were an item.  

“We went to Indo after knowing each other for two months.  I didn’t have that much going on for me, I was just on a waitressing gig,” she says.   Able to survive comfortably on just $500 a month in Indo, they soon extended their trip for one more month.

“Everything flowed pretty organically,” says PJ. They both recalled a date they took to the movies early on where they both agreed they weren’t looking for a serious relationship.  They both chuckled amongst reminiscing that conversation: “Sure, we’re nothing serious- just going to Indo after knowing each other for two months.”

Movies, Indo, nothing serious, sure. Just like Netflix & Ice cream, right folks?

*Together through the years they ended up visiting:


Canary islands


Indo: Java and Bali  (they love Watukaru in Java)

Some of these destinations were literally spotted by PJ on Google Earth. They recalled one wave that took them more than 40 hours of travel to get to. Getting lost through dirt roads, hopping on little boats, traveling “roots” style, Marisol says she was just taking it all in, looking back.  Sure there were steep cliffs, sketchy situations here and there, but also serendipitous moments through their travels. Like that one time they arrived in Java, 8 o'clock at night, walking through a jungle in search of a guy named Eddie. Not only did they find Eddie, but they ran into other people PJ had surfed with 3 years before that on another trip. “I had no fancy expectations and knew there'd be trials & tribulations along the way,” she says. Cool as a cucumber, clearly this gal had become Swell Obsessed...

*Solace from PJ Tartak on Vimeo. Shot by Marisol.

They lasted “in sync” about  “5 years and some”. They decided to part their romantic tie on December 19, yet continue to be great friends. As a matter of fact, right after their breakup they ended up traveling to Miami.  She had a work gig and he had already promised to tag along as an assistant. 

Through their years together PJ did go on tour in 2017, representing Puerto Rico. This APB tour included some important advancements to the sport of bodyboarding by including a wave like Teahupo'o on the tour for the first time ever.  PJ was there to help make history and build credibility for the sport on a global level.  Marisol’s work and artistic talent has continued to flourish- she now runs  Lucky You Weddings, a boutique wedding capturing service here on the island, as well as having other big name corporate clients on her commercial photography roster. 

*Above: PJ at Teahupo'o

*Above: Marisol grasps onto a heartfelt souvenir:  PJ’s Bird’s tattoo (probably his most symbolic one.)  The tattoo is of a bird that constantly flew over their basecamp on their very first Indo trip.  In many ways it's a symbol of freedom, love, and his chapter with her in life. She wears the Erika One Piece.


I asked if they could share 3 things that have worked for them to go through this incredibly civilized parting of ways.  Their answers below:


“Maintaining a healthy relationship with somebody who I’ve cared for so deeply is extremely important to me.  The fact that we find ourselves on different personal journeys at the moment does not mean that we should mistreat each other or completely stop interacting.” says Marisol.


“We talked for two days in between making the decision to end our romantic relationship.  She initiated the question after talking and evaluating a lot of things.” says PJ. “ It’s never gonna be super chill.  Yes it's been cool the way we’ve been able to work it out, but it's never super chill. There’s still so much that’s happened. And you have to be accepting of this.”


“After 5 years there’s so much that’s happened.  There’s habits to reprogram, there’s things we’ve acquired together to redistribute, and there’s new ideas we now have to get used to.” added Marisol. Just acknowledging this is a process that takes time, and being patient with each other, sounds so easy- yet many couples don't do this when they split.

*Above: Marisol and PJ share one last dance.  Marisol wears the Ceci One Piece.

Something tells me with their good looks, incredible ability to adapt, and open mindedness- these two will continue to make it out and onto different swells just fine. 

You can follow them here:



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