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✨Meet the Girls✨

       Welcome to the World of Swell Obsessed. A land of imaginary girls that inspire the design & creative process for SOS.  Each character has her own personality and lifestyle that relates back to parts of the designer's own story.  Some are reminiscent of stages she's gone through.  Others are interpreted as phases or experiences we aspire to live up to.  Either way, each one is unique- holding a special quirk and charm very near and dear to our hearts. 
       Discover bits and pieces of each by clicking on her tile.  May they inspire you to dream more often, embrace your own story, and live your life to the fullest as well...






On the Isle of Swell Obsessed,

gorgeous Sirens lived free and blessed.

They were born from the Earth one afternoon,

the result of a kiss between sun and moon.

They shine from the inside all the way out,

in reverie fall those who may host doubt.

They are to be left wild and free,

their magic and beauty a mystery.

Surfers and pirates love to sail by,

to catch a glimpse and holler hi.

At night the sirens linger and look to the sky,

for the moon and stars to sing them lullabies.

And all the women bask in the moonlight,

until the songs make their skin glow bright.

And so they shall live happily ever after,

enchanting the island with their beauty and laughter...



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